Team USA Media Summit

Team USA is fronted with the same problem each Games cycle: how to stay in the conversation when one of their athletes does something worth celebrating, especially since NBC owns all highlight rights to the Games footage?

In one of Fresh Tape Media’s biggest projects to date, we solved that problem, creating an eye-catching set, shooting and editing resulting in a database of over 300 GIFS, Get-To-Know videos, Celebration Vines, custom medal graphics and custom tune-ins with 115 of the top athletes in the world! That’s over 500+ deliverables. All the hard work paid off however as those four days of shooting helped secure Team USA as the #3 most talked about brand on social media during the course of the 2018 Olympic Games.


Fortnite E3


When you hear “E-sports is the future,” Believe it.

We partnered with Twitter Gaming to garner conversation surrounding the Fortnite E3 tournament. The goal was to promote the event, highlight the gamers present, and live tweet results of the tournament from Twitter Gaming. The posted deliverables gathered over 6M views and 200K likes. The content certainly created a buzz and gave streamers their own videos to share.



FlasKap came to us to help them launch their first-of-its-kind product: the first flask for your tumbler. Fresh Tape created a full blown social plan for FlasKap, which included targeting influencers, capturing content and managing fan responses. The partnership produced a library of over 1K photos and videos and attracted over 5K social followers through the first quarter.


Social Media

Provide strategy, content curation, campaign planning and execution for FlasKap’s social media channels.

Video Production

There’s no better way to capture and get across the essence of a brand’s story and personality than through video.


We capture the purpose of FlasKap in order to highlight the usefulness of the product while using appealing visuals.