2019 NFL Draft


We brought Plinko to Music City with a series of deliverables for NFL and Twitter. Our giant Plinko board, fully fabricated by our team featuring customized pucks for each player invited to the red carpet allowed for the NFL to post live results of Pinko - garnering a huge amount of engagements when three were predicted correctly (imagine the chances!) As a more “accurate” deliverable and to keep Twitter in the conversation, we churned out live GIFS to announce team picks that made each Plinko seem 100% accurate.


NFL Plinko Live Results

Little editing required and posted while still on the red carpet - NFL got in the pre-draft conversation and threw their name into the hat for potentially going viral if any Plinko results turned out to be correct.

Twitter Accurate GIF Results

To get in on the conversation during the actual Draft, we edited the “real” Plinkos to simulate that each player accurately predicted what team they would be drafted to and created GIFS for Twitter to post to their GIPHY channel.


We also made it on SportsCenter!


2019 SAG Awards

We get it, sometimes you don’t have the space at an event to have a whole 10x10 set. But have no fear, Fresh Tape Media will find a content capture solution that will fit the space you have without compromising production quality. We were approached by Twitter Entertainment to create a post-win content plan for the SAG Awards, with little to no space for a set backstage. Our response? “Easy.” Introducing the first-ever use of the Halo Rig:


We also live-edited SAG winner’s responses to fan twitter messages and extended “Thank You” messages.


TIDAL X: Brooklyn


Each year, TIDAL hosts a philanthropic concert featuring some of the top talent in music. In 2018, the streaming platform’s cause of choice was criminal justice reform. In addition to one hundred percent of ticket proceeds going to non-profit organizations such as #CUT50 and REFORM, TIDAL wanted to create a set where fans could start their own social revolution in conjunction with the event.

We aimed to develop an activation that would not only be eye-catching and generate buzz, but a photo-op that would be purposeful in its messaging. What came to be was the TIDAL X Brooklyn Prison Reform Box, featuring five sides of powerful language in bold, newsprint font. Over the course of the one night event, over 1.5K fans stopped by to take their photos and interact with the footprint, generating over 50K likes across Instagram and Twitter.



Super Bowl LII

Twitter came to us looking for a unique way to capture content with special guests at Super Bowl LII - hosted in Minneapolis, MN. Where everyone wants to be, despite it being a freezing snow pile. With those humble beginnings of a creative concept, we crafted a set that transported our stars to a never-ending loop inside a picturesque snow globe.


Twitter is all about staying in the conversation and wants to be the go-to brand for relevant reaction GIFs to be used during the Super Bowl, so we also cut over 50 customized GIFS with the stars that came through our set!



2018 NBA All Star

Fresh Tape was approached by Twitter to create assets for the 2018 NBA All Star Game in LA that would form deliverables featuring all the athletes in one video (even though we would never see them all at one time), craft a set that players would be excited about participating in (make it quick and painless), and highlight the great city of Los Angeles.

So, what do we do? Obviously, the clear answer was to create our very own vintage Hollywood set and stage the All Star talent as important playmakers in the film of the 2018 NBA All Star Game. Both All Star Teams received assets highlighting the whole squad while each player was also created into a twitter GIF for fans and Twitter Sports to live tweet the event.