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Play Ball Park 2020 Concepts


Come over here!


Overall Theme

A personal, near-selfie style video where different people from all walks of life and ages are motioning to the camera to come see a different aspect of PlayBall Park. It’ll require a bit of directing, but you’ll have different folks in Dodgers hats motioning to the camera and bringing them to a dedicated section of the park. This style video can show off diverse faces as well as all the activities that are around, while also being very personal.

Content Capture Requirements

  • Handheld, some times shaky movements that feel “real” as you follow someone to an activity, then steady still shots once you arrive at an activity and want to show it off. The “come with me” shots will be pretty close to the fans faces.

  • Option to put a quick whip at the end of the shot to transition to the next activity.

  • Option to add an acting element/secondary shoot as an intro, where someone motions to get in a car and head to the Convention Center area. We have some b-roll from the venue already to use.


Movie Trailer — Behind the Scenes-ish


Overall Theme

Have a baseball player do a movie preview voiceover, but in the middle of the video we’ll reveal who it is to give it a bit of a more fun take. It’ll feel like a fancy movie commercial, with text overlays for reviews etc., but with interruptions to give it a bit more of a fun take. Shots will be a combination of Play Ball Park Cleveland and Convention Center/Play Ball Park Los Angeles (shot with gimbals, very steady and dramatically lit, no need for any on-site acting). Another option is to scrap the funny aspects and make it a real trailer, but that gives us less flexibility to have it be lower quality than a true Hollywood trailer.

Example, Oversimplified Script

Shots of Convention Center Area and Playball Park

VO: This Summer. Everything in LA is ABOUT TO CHANGE

Cut to player in voiceover booth

Player: Aren’t we just telling people about an event for fans during All Star Weekend?

Off screen VO from producer: Just go with it.

Back to clips of Play Ball and Convention Center area

VO: You’ve never seen anything like it. Critics rave “this is the best experience for fans since last year’s Play Ball Park.” This event is a home run.

Cut back to player

Player: Really?

Back to some quick moving shots of the event, followed by a title screen

Content Capture Requirements

  • Cinematic style, preferably using gimbal/way to steady footage.


Baseball All Around You


Overall Theme

Every element of Play Ball Park, and Los Angeles environment shots, will be shot the same way: with a steady gimbal shot moving in a clockwise fashion around people experiencing the event. We can transition between people in different environments, and the consistent camera motion will make it seem like we’re moving in a circle in the same place. We’ll be able to show off the diversity of the fans in attendance and all the activities. Reference for capture style: Maroon 5 Girls Like You

Content Capture Requirements

  • Steady shots (gimbal likely required) moving clockwise around subjects, who should always be centered in the same position.