2019 College Football Playoffs

We’ve had the privilege to work the College Football Playoffs the last two years, but this one was pretty special as a lot of our Fresh Tape team has ties to the Clemson Tigers (no offense, ‘Bama lovers"). Partnering with Twitter, we captured content during Media Day and Game Day, providing the social media platform unique content to post during the finals and drive social conversation. We also churned out 30+ unique GIFS, allowing fans to use relevant content to support their posts and keeping Twitter top of mind during it all.


Media Day Locked In

The first initiative was our #LockedIn concept. Twitter shared the content and asked fans to support one team or another with a vote. The vote allowed fans access to the team’s unique Locked In journey. The set took players through a “mini version” of their College Football Playoff experience, from Media Day to the locker room as they walked through our 25 feet long three room set. Content was captured via our own custom-made motorized camera track which players had a blast taking for a spin.


Media Day GIF Station

Alongside our Locked In set, we also had a GIF station, allowing players to stop by and put their full personalities on display. With over 30 GIFS created and over 940 million total views, this initiative allowed for fans to use relevant imagery for their teams. The GIFS were also used by influencers, both team’s social accounts, and College Football Playoffs themselves, ensuring Twitter’s spot at front and center on game day!


Game Day Shooting & Real Time Content

Fresh Tape’s infamous run and gun shooting was alive and well during the College Football finals. With two shooters and two editors working to create social content galore, we were able to produce some of the best performing content of the Playoffs. We also had the opportunity to debut the highly-anticipated Helmet Cam.